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Overall Feature Highlights

  • Pioneer Provider of Fund Market News
    ET Wealth is the pioneer in providing fund fact sheets, market news and commentaries to the general public. All fund market news and commentaries are disseminated on real-time basis.
  • Comprehensive Product Database
    Direct Fund and Guaranteed Fund: information directly obtained from fund houses
  • Dynamic Comparison Tools
    Detailed comparison between products of the same product category can be performed with the product comparison tools. Product attributes, relevant recommendations and product performance are all listed on a single-page for easy evaluation.
  • Charting Analysis
    Price Chart, Indexed Performance Chart and Risk-Return Chart can be retrieved for performance and volatility analysis. Benchmark indices, such as MSCI index, can be selected for comparison.
  • User-friendly Search Engine
    Specific products can easily be located by searching with key words and relevant product attributes.
  • Full Support on Selling
    Updated Fund Fact Sheets, Offering Documents, Related News / Commentary and selected fund comparison can be printed for clients.
  • Multi-language Support
    Support English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese
  • Tailor-made Features
    Provide mapping with assigned fund codes, risk level, fund recommendation indicator

Fund Information

  • Fund Search Engine
    Funds can be search by fund house, location, asset type, sector, fund category, performance return, etc.
  • Specific Fund Details and Data
  • Related News and Commentary
  • Fund Performance
    • Cumulative Performance
    • Historical Fund Dividend (3-year at most)
    • Historical Fund Price (3 – 5 year data)
    • Fund Award Information

  • Fund Charting
    • Indexed Performance Chart (with MSCI Index for benchmarking)
    • Risk Return Chart

  • Specific Fund Fees
  • Offering Documents (e.g. prospectus and fact sheet)
  • Fund Manager Information

Fund Comparison Function

  • Funds can be compared in the form of a summary table or a chart.

Fund Portfolio with Profit/Loss and Alert Functions

  • The user can define a fund portfolio with a specified allocation. The profit and loss of the portfolio will be calculated according to the up-to-date fund price.
  • Price alert triggers can be defined for certain funds in the portfolio.

Hypothetical Portfolio Function with Fund Correlation

  • The user can define a hypothetical portfolio and the system will simulate the changes of the portfolio for a specified period of time. Simulated items include:
    • Fund Correlation
    • Risk and Return Figures
    • Cumulative Performance
    • Average Volatility

Focus Fund

  • A series of focus funds can be defined so that front-line sales personnel can concentrate their efforts on the sales of these funds.

World Index Information

  • Indices of major financial markets are provided.

News and Commentary

  • News and commentaries are provided on real time basis. The user can search news by sector, news category, or related stock.

System and Product Administration

  • The administrator can define product and system settings.
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